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Millennials ‘Make Farming Sexy’ in Africa, Where Tilling the Soil Once Meant Shame

“I’m a farmer,” he said, buzzing his motorcycle between freshly plowed fields on a recent afternoon. “Here, that’s an embarrassment.”
In some parts of the world, farmers are viewed with respect and cultivating the land is seen as an honorable trade. But in a region where most agriculture is still for subsistence — relying on cutlass, hoe and a hope for rain — farming is a synonym for poverty.


I can still taste the yam, red-red, sautéed vegetables, and stewed tomato sauce that we ate almost every day in Ghana, West Africa. I can still smell the freshly fried plantains seasoned with aromatic spices…nothing was overcooked, but cooked just right. The black-eyed peas were always easy to chew and well seasoned but not mushy. All vegetables were cooked in very little oil, just until tender to the bite, but left with a crunch so the nutrients were still intact. Yams were always boiled to perfection, fork-piercing soft only. Delicious! All of it!


As with any culture, food is central to Ghanaian life regardless of where you are in the world. Chop bars can be found on every corner of Ghana's towns and in some major cities abroad too, like London and New York.
From fufu to banku and gari fotor, everyone has a favourite dish and every region has its own specialties. Here is our list of Ghanaian food, tasty recipes to try and a guide to food by region: